Ground Safety/Regulations

Lowestoft Town Football Club feel it is important to make the watching of football as pleasant as possible for spectators of all ages. In promoting the ideal, the club will strive to ensure that admission to and the right to remain inside the Crown Meadow is conditional upon a 'Code of Good Conduct' observed by everyone attending a match.

The following will not be tolerated:-

* Failing to comply with instructions given by a Club Official, Steward or Police Officer

* Encroaching on the playing area, or its immediate surroundings during and after a game

* Climbing on any buildings, walls, fences or floodlights

* Chanting or singing obscene or indecent songs or using obscene or indecent language

* Throwing missiles of any description

* Making an obscene or insulting gesture

* Playing ball games in spectator areas

* Defacing any advertisements or notices within the ground or clubhouse

Any breach of the above regulations will result in either a formal warning or ejection from the ground

In addition to this, the blues fully support the National League’s new campaign to reduce and eradicate the indiscriminate use of flares, smoke bombs and pyrotechnics.

Flares and smoke bombs disrupt play and people’s enjoyment of games, and the toxins they contain can seriously damage health and/or cause life-threatening injury or concern.

We have been directed to take the strongest action available against anyone found in possession of a Flare, Smoke Bomb or any other such pyrotechnic article(s), and spectators are warned that we and The National League apply a zero tolerance approach to anyone attempting to bring such article(s) into the Crown Meadow.

Due to their chemical make-up, a Flare, Smoke Bomb and all such pyrotechnic article(s) can lead to serious health consequences for those with pre-existing medical conditions.

In order to protect all supporters, we reserve the right to search your person and/or effects, and we further reserve the right to pursue legal action, civil or criminal, against any person who contravenes current legislation or our stadium regulations.

To further safeguard all who attend any event at the Crown Meadow, we welcome the receipt of any information which will assist us to deter, apprehend, detain and, where appropriate, prosecute anyone in possession of, or found discharging or being a party to the discharge of, such an article.

Courts have a sentencing guideline of three months’ imprisonment and a three-year football banning order. Those prosecuted face not only a criminal record and imprisonment but also many future difficulties, including restrictions on travel overseas.

Please support The Trawlerboys safely and responsibly this season.