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Match Report | LTFC 1 - 1 Romford

Match Report | LTFC 1 - 1 Romford

By Andy Reynolds
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A students view with David Reed

Full time score 1:1 (0:0 ht)

Good start a long ball forward followed by high pressure and attacking in force. The first five minutes Lowestoft didn’t put on a lot of pressure when defending leaving too many gaps and not putting strong and efficient tackles in costing the attacking team to use the space throughout the match. An attack by one Lowestoft players but sadly took too big of a touch and loss possession. The passing and forward movement of the other team is sleek, they were making space, pushing loose balls and creating chances and taking the opportunity of the disorganised defence. Lowestoft tried a long ball forward and passing forward which at the moment proving not accurate and losing the ball too much. The opponents were well disciplined in going forward going, tracking balls and creating chances. The defence were strong and clinical putting strong and effective tackles in.
Lowestoft weren't balanced and they didn’t seem to create much being second best and not winning much in the middle of the park. Lowestoft not committing themselves to marking leaving too many gaps and not defending together. Another long ball wildly inaccurate costing loss of possession. When Lowestoft played the ball slower and more controlled, they started moving forward better and being more of an attacking threat. Good through in then passed out then players pushed forward and closing in on goal, then blocked and then won back then blocked again and now cleared. Great freekick into the box which was cleared to the edge of the box then passed sideways and then had a shot on goal! Good corner into the box which went wide. Lowestoft played a great ball from the half way into a towering forward who drove forward to goal but the attack was broken down and he was tackled and the ball cleared. Lowestoft slowly growing but the accuracy still not there.
Fast start by Romford passing the ball well having 3d vision playing the ball quick. Simple small passes by Lowestoft going side to side back and forward. The staff of Lowestoft at halftime have inspired them and plugged up most of the holes and made them more of a group. Pressure by Romford giving Lowestoft limited room to play passes and attack in to space. A beautiful pass forward narrowly out. Great vision playing a ball forward, brought down sadly (the shot wasn’t as good). One problem has been marking and again taking too long marking from corners more control and Commnication needed. Shot by Romford got past defender too easy and shot hitting the post and bounced out. Great support by both coaches trying to get the win any way. Great by Romford, keeper came out and thought they could dink him but only finding the side netting. A beautiful long ball to the Lowestoft striker taking it first time bringing a good save from the keeper. (Both keepers on good form.) Wonderful corner into the box finding a Lowestoft man heading it home. GOAL!!! Buster Honeywood
Two blocks then kept Romford out but still too much space for them to take their time and pick a spot. Keeper came out tried to one vs one the attacker (not the smartest thing to do when you are winning by one goal) he lost the ball and the attacker found the side netting only. Great bit of skill having no one finding space and getting nothing at the end of it. Second sub on a new attacker let see how the dynamic of the game will change. Pin point long freekick into the box leading to a shot which was blocked. Great mentality to keep going for more goals and changing the way they played from the first half. No marking leading to a shot, great save by the keeper. Lowestoft are winning but Romford is having more fight and desire to go forward and be much more clinical. Lovely run and skill out for another corner. Short corner then whipped into the box fractionally missing a player. Magnificent shot from a knock down header bringing another great save from the keeper. Another shot after good build up play, great pass.
Long freekick by Romford which was headed back and the player wasn’t picked up and had a free shot on goal. Keeper should have either came and claimed in the air or came and smoothed the ball. Romford taking advanced of sloppy marking by Lowestoft.
Overall there a lot to change and improve for further games and lots of good signs it can change and improve a lot.

Report compiled by David Reed

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Wed 11, Sep 2019




Division A

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Lowestoft Town